Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Pictures

The Handsome Little Men In My Life

Look at them there teeth!

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

Our little man, Ira, turned one on April 16th! He has been such a sweet blessing to the family. One happy little guy. Before he even turned one, he was walking and had five teeth come through. And a happy little guy he still is!

Yes, your eyes are seeing just fine, that is a gigantic candy corn was all I had. Ira didn't seem to mind. The pictures tell the story.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Artist Picture Study...

With this particular artist picture study, Emma really impressed me with her work. So I thought it worthy to make a special post to share her great artistic work. It's always exciting to see what they decide to draw.

A Little More Randomness

Oliver with his little friend, Ruthie Pearl....they happened to wear the same kind of shirts...they both say "my dad rocks!"

Oliver gets a little carried away sometimes when playing dress-up :o)

He took a bath before he went to bed...this is what his hair did...can we say "he needs a haircut!".

The Last Snow

The Latta's last snowman of the season. I must say, we did a fine job!
The whole family had a blast!

The poor snowman after a good beating...Oliver was a little upset, so we fixed it.

Oliver and his little "noman".

A better picture of Oliver's little "noman"...


A great photo capturing the snowball fight action!


Our cool little man, Ira.

Winston bonding with Barney.

Oliver diggin for gold in his tea-time hat.

Oliver sipping his hot chocolate.

Look real close and notice that Oliver's hair is in a quite unique bedhead style.

Emma sportin the curls...