Thursday, December 22, 2011

E-nor & MEM...little friends

This is Eleanor (her siblings call her E-nor) and Mary Esther (we call her MEM for short).  They are good friends...they don't know it yet, but they are.
At MEM's 2 wk check up they found a significant heart murmur and she was diagnosed with a complex heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot.  She is scheduled for open heart surgery January 9th.  She is the sweet baby so many of you have been praying for these past weeks.  Please continue to pray and may the Lord be most glorified throughout it all.

E-nor  is looking a little bored...check out the cheeks on MEM...want to squeeeeze em'! 

MEM is asking E-nor why she has to poop during a photo shoot. 

MEM thinks she stinks and E-nor is still working on it... 

MEM simply can't take it anymore!

Okay...MEM is really upset about this...E-nor isn't though...she feels much better now :o)
Yep, they're gonna be great friends...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oliver - He Sure Is Something...

He can sleep anywhere!...seriously!...just check out the next few pictures...
hard metal chair...

arm of the couch...

on his brother...just to name a few.

Now for just some sweet shots of him...
As he would say..."I am a strong big brudder!"

He can also make himself look like Charlie Brown :o)

He is comfortable in his underwear...anywhere...doing whatever!

He likes digging in the mud...

and he enjoys the water...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Grandma Rosie's Visit

So, Grandma Rosie came for the birth of Eleanor and stayed for about 10 days. We all had a wonderful time and enjoyed her's never long enough though!

Since we don't get to go back to Indiana for Christmas, she brought Christmas to us. Travis and I were sent off for the day and the kids and her worked all day to prepare for our celebration. They went all lots of love...
When we arrived home, we walked in to find this lovely tree all decked out with presents stacked up around it. You can't tell, but they have rocks, leafs, and other unique items stuck to it for decorations. Best of all, they used my stainless steel scratcher as tinsel...I needed a new one anyway :o)

They had the table all set up with an array of delicious treats...candles was just simply really felt like Christmas.

My favorite treat of all was the cracker toffee! Oh how I love cracker toffee!

Grandma also brought her equipment to make her famous "flaky jakes"...

And the lovely display of goodies and the gang that made them...what a sweet memory.

Here is Winston in his santa hat and collar (with bells) that Grandma brought him...she wouldn't dream of leaving him out of the festivities :o)

The rest of these pictures are just some miscellaneous shots...this one is of the girls painting and preparing the Christmas tree for our celebration.

Oliver helping...


Emma having a good time swinging on the rope.

And Grandma Rosie sitting...enjoying the paper...without a care in the world...while Oliver....

paints a grasshopper!

Rocker Makeover

I got an old rocker for $15 at a garage sale some time ago and this is the ugly fabric that covered the cushions. (Sorry for those of you who like it...just not my style :o) So I gave it a makeover...

and this is the finished product... I love this fabric because it's neutral, it has some texture to it, a little shine, and best of all the fabric was from a friend :o)

Now, it is a great addition to my bedroom...and no one is allowed to sit in it :o)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Was Surprised!

So, this is the little lady, Maria, that made me believe we were getting away for a little treat at Dairy Queen until....

we pulled up to Cindy's (below) barn where many of my friends were waiting to surprise me with a baby shower!

These are a couple of the sneaky ladies that helped make the surprise sweet friends Heather and Darinda.

Darinda's little princess, Lacey, graced us with her presence too...

Miss Mary and Abby were in on it also...they had my girls with them so that they would be at the shower ;o)

Here are some of the other sweet ladies that came...Andrea, Janie, Lis, Crystal, and Dana....

Sharon Denise and Mary...

and last but certainly not least....Laura who knew just what a pregnant girl wanted...

yes, she did.....she got me my depends I was needing....that was just as great as my husband buying me my feminine products....your jealous aren't you :o)

Of beautiful and most delicious cake! I can't begin to tell you how great it was!

Me and my little them so much!

Here are the little ladies that blessed us with their help and their giggles...Madison, Emma, Abby, and Elise.

It was my very first "surprise" party of any kind and a great one at that! I actually had NO CLUE...they were good sneaky friends! A memory to go down in the books!
I must mention Cathy...she wasn't in any of the pictures because she was taking them all! She did a fabulous job! So thankful for ALL of you!

Avrie - A Fellow Blogger

My sweet first born, Avrie, has started his own blog called Building Up Knowledge. I invite you to follow him and encourage him as he shares what he is learning in life.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Summer Fun

So what do we do when it's over 100 degrees for 40 + days in Texas and it finally decides to rain? That's right...we play in it...fully-clothed...well, all except Oliver that is :o)

Emma Lou Hoo at the pool in Missouri...gotta love the freckles and missing teeth!

Travis with all the kids...we're not sure what he's doing...what he's looking telling that's for sure...silly man.

Travis getting the tandem ready for a ride. The boys are all ready in the buggy.

So stinkin' cute! Love them!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Catching Up

Well, I must say it has been a while since my last update. Much has happened. Back in June I made a trip back to Indiana...mainly to visit my Aunt Bonnie who's been battling cancer. And it just so happen that Travis' cousin was getting married during my time there, and I was able to attend the wedding and visit with his family. I really enjoyed my visit...I was smart this time and didn't try to schedule my time away, but just went with the flow and trusted that I would get to see whoever the good Lord wanted me to see.

My Momma and Ira...I miss her!

This is my Aunt Bonnie...I love her and wish I were closer, but grateful my parents helped me fly back to spend some time with her.

My Daddy-O and niece,, love, love him and her...miss them both!

My sister, Kerri, and my nephew, and miss them too...(love his hair...Ira is on his way to looking like that :o)

Raeni with her corn-dog that looked like a bird...a woodpecker to be exact :o)

Dear dear friends of ours...Jacob & Sydney Cross...enjoyed visiting with them...they have grown so much!!!

Alicia...their sweet friend from and miss her so much! (and Knuckle John too)

Here's Grandma Rosie (Travis' momma) and me in her b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. garden!

My sweet, dear friend, Laura and her babies...Owen and glad I got to see her...never enough time though...

My long-time friend, Angie. It was so good to see her and spend time with her.

One of my favorite people, Travis' brother, Todd with his son Bailey. Always good to see them...very entertaining ;o) I didn't get a picture of Tanya and Alix...that stinks!

The lovely Sprinkle Clan...Jake, Mallorie, and Ben...always a hoot!

And of course Travis' sister, Lori and her super-special-always-glad-to-see-me husband, Tracy. Loved seeing them all!