Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Frumps to Pumps Launch & Giveaway


Sarah Mae, from the blog Stretching into Blue, is launching her ebook called Frumps to Pumps.  It is a one-month devotional to getting dressed and staying that way!  She led this devotional for 30 days from her blog before it came out as an ebook and that is when I participated.  It is seriously what got me motivated after having baby #6.  It was very motivating and took one thing at a time which was all I could handle for that moment.  I highly recommend it.  Here is a link to her blog post where she is launching it AND doing a giveaway for a $500 giftcard for Target...who could use a few things from Target?...yes, me!  So help here by spreading the word!


Seriously, if you have a problem getting motivated to start your day, check out her book...I am so glad the Lord brought it across my path when He did...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wonderful Silly Boys...

I'll tell ya, I don't think two boys could get any cuter than these two right here!  Ira and Oliver...two little entertainers...life would seriously be boring without them!  

Oliver...oh Oliver...a very special little boy indeed!

Ira is our Prince of the Pacifier...he likes variety...he likes to borrow Eleanor's...so sometimes he likes a pink one...sometimes an orange...other times a purple...and then there is the blue one of course.  In this picture he is giving Eleanor a really big pacifier for teething babies...it is ridiculously large...seriously.

Check out those long golden locks flippin' out from under his manly hat :o)

Love his cheesy smile...a dirty one at that :o)

Miss Eleanor Is Gettin' Big!

Well, I got a couple complaints that I haven't posted any pictures or our sweet baby Eleanor so I decided to take a few shots of her...nothing special...except her of course!  She is getting so big...just a sweet little one.  Doesn't fuss too much and when she does she has a reason to.  She has a habit of smiling a lot and making us smile too.  Love her!  We are so blessed!

By the way, she looks a lot like Emma if you didn't notice.  Definitely has her eyes and strawberry blonde hair.  I guess Elise and I are going to be the only awesome brunettes in our house :o)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Have You Heard...

of the Heavy Metal Surgeons?

My Sweet Girls

Bet You Couldn't Sleep Like That!

Jewelry Displaying Solution

So, I have a lot of jewelry.  I've just gotten into wearing it the past couple of years.  I use to be much more insecure about what I liked and wouldn't wear it out of fear that people would think I was stupid.  Now, I don't care.  I wear what I like and I am stupid, but I'm cool with that :o)  Anyhoo...as you can see below, I have so much that I couldn't see what I had to choose from so I had to come up with a solution...

So, when my mom visited back in November, she brought this awesome frame and then I had another smaller one to use.  I got some chicken pooped on chicken wire from my dear friend, Jessica, and attached some to the back of each of them...made some little s-hooks from wire and presto...I gots me an awesome set up to see ALL my jewelry!

Finished Quilt

Here are some pictures of the quilt I had been working on.  I did finish before Eleanor was born, but am just now getting around to posting pictures.  The only thing I left to finish are fancy decorative pillows to put on the top...kind of like pillow shams, but I will be using more vintage hankies.  Just gotta get motivated!