Friday, December 24, 2010

Family Pictures

We decided to do family pictures to send back to our family and friends in Indiana. We went to our good friends house, the Millers, and they took most of our pictures for us. I think we're going to do this more often...the kids grow too fast not to...enjoy!

Mini-mommy Elise with Ira

Emma - 6 yrs. old
Elise - 8 yrs. old
Oliver - 2 yrs. old
Ira - 8 months
Avrie 10 yrs. old
My hunk-a-burnin-love and I
I can't believe I have FIVE children! I am blessed and so undeserving of it.
We had to seize the opportunity and get pics with our dear friends too.
My best friend, Jessica Love and I :o)

Jason and Travis...tough guys.

The beautiful Miller em' all!

All the kiddos...such sweet friendships.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Welcome to the Family Sir Winston

We surprised the kids with a new puppy for Christmas this year. We got to go pick him up this past Saturday. The kids had NO we drove up to the ranch where we were getting him from, they all had thought maybe we were going horseback riding....little did they know their lives would never be the same. They were thrilled to say the least. So, I know have 6 children...three that poop in toilets, two that poop in diapers, and one that poops on the ground :o) The little guy is a Mini Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. We named him Winston Baxter. He's 8 weeks old. He hasn't went to the bathroom in the house once! It's amazing. During his first day home, he quickly made note where the back door was and let's us know when he's gotta go. Sweet little ball of fur...and thankfully he will only get to be between 13" to 15" tall. Here are some shots of our picking him up and his first day home.

Oliver is usually afraid of dogs...even little ones, but he warmed up to Winston quite quickly.

He's got two blue beautiful eyes and the most handsome coat.

This is Winston's crate...Oliver was just checking to make sure it does :o)

Such a Ham

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

After at least three years, we finally got to put up our own Christmas tree and decorations. It looks rather small in this big ole house, but I love it! It was fun to unwrap all our ornaments and see them again after so long.

Friday Night Fun

The girls decided to give their poor old father a foot massage and style his hair. Here are a few shots of the new and improved hairstyle.

Momma with her filthy little boy.
Ira wiggled himself into the corner after finishing his puzzles...
And this is the girls passed out after a long fun day...precious beauties.

Avrie + Light Saber = Emma a Black Eye

Here's the lovely Thanksgiving black eye my poor baby girl got from her big accident of least that's what he says :o) The night before it was a black and blue bump on the side and by morning it spread like dark eyeshadow on her eyelid. She's still beautiful as ever! Notice those lovely pierced ears?

Oliver + Chalk = Fabulous Artwork

Oliver loves sidewalk chalk. While we were on our front porch the other day he asked me to draw circles for him to make his siblings. As he's drawing he says what he's it goes a little something like this...imagine his little voice and lisp... "I draw da eyes"..."the honk" (aka nose)..."mily face" (aka smiley face). Remember he is only two years old...

This is just a sweet shot I got of him on Thanksgiving...tuckered out...
You can see here this is a self portrait...notice the ears and hair?
A portrait of Avrie...
Emma, Ira, and Elise again at the top...
I remember Avrie drawing faces pretty good at age three and I thought that was impressive, but Oliver is only two and drawing pretty darn good...I guess his big brother has rubbed off on him a little bit...

Birthday Girls

The girls had birthday's this month. Emma turned six on the third and Elise turned eight on the eighteenth. Hate it! Hard to believe. Well, I got pictures of Emma's birthday and lost them somehow and I had a couple pictures of Elise on her day, but since I didn't have ones of both of them I just thought I'd share this silly picture. They were having a good time dressing goofy crazy girls. Love them and so grateful for their lives.

A Visit to Indiana

Here are a few pictures of me and the babies trip to Indiana recently....

Oliver out at Grandma Rosie's fishy pond...ham!
Ira loving on Aunt Lori
Great Aunt Susie
Oliver with Aunt Shaut and Gramdma Rosie
Uncle Todd's face...look at that smile...he missed me the most :o)
Bailey and Alix...growing too stinking tall.
Grandpa Mike and Grandma Rosie...oh so in love...
Great Aunt Shaut with Ira
The Sprinkle Family
Cousin Jake holding Ira
Grandpa Bill during his visit to meet little Ira for the first time.
What a great picture...
My sister and her family...good lookin family
Raeni and Caslin with Ira
It was a sweet visit. Very relaxing and it was nice to introduce Ira to all the family and friends that hadn't met him yet. So grateful for my parents flying me back. Maybe they'll start doing it on a monthly basis...nay...doubt it...