Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Emma Lost Her First Tooth!!!

On Memorial Day, Emma lost her first tooth! She left it under her pillow in an envelope that night for the tooth fairy (me and she knows it's me). Well, she woke the next morning and brought me the envelope...then it hit me that I forgot to leave $ under her pillow that night...SO I told her she (the tooth fairy, which is me and she knows it) must of had the night off since it was Memorial Day and to try it again that night. I didn't forget that time! She feels like a big girl now! Little beauty!

Back into the Sewing of Things!

Yay! I'm finally back into the sewing of things!

I needed maternity shorts, so I went thrifting and found these here Liz Lange Target maternity shorts for $3.00 (retail $25). A metal button was missing on one of the back pockets, so I removed the other one and replaced them with some vintage navy buttons! Simple and much cheaper solution!

Then I also had a pair of maternity jeans already and bought another from a thrift store...cut them off and made Bermuda shorts! I actually made three pairs, but the other ones were in the wash... Once again, a simple and cheaper solution!

During my sewing fun, I did a pile of mending for a friend. She had this little dress of her daughters which had a stain on it. She thought maybe I could just cut and hem it into a shirt. Well, I cut it, but too I transformed it into a dress using the pant legs from the maternity jeans I cut for shorts!

Finally, I had to reattach one of the straps on this dress and I noticed it had a stain (where the heart it), so I applied this "snapplique"! Turned out quite adorable.

So now I'm on to cutting up sheets, hemming them, and hanging them as curtains in my living room and bedroom. Walmart cheap sheets turn much cheaper than purchasing ready-made curtains, or large amounts of fabric to make them from scratch. Pictures to come!

Then from there I will work on and hopefully finish my "vintage hankie" rag quilt for my bed! I'm on a roll and loving it!!!

Gotta Love this Girl!

Elise changing her identity during school...she's always full of surprises...such a fun little girl!

Cuddling with a Teddy Bear

Heebie Geebies...Ira Loves Them!

Ira can't get enough of the Heebie Geebies! Doesn't want them to end once Daddy starts. He grabs Daddy's feet and squeals wanting to do it more...and more...and more...and more...

What's Buggin' Ira?

Poor little Ira...this is the result of a bug bite (possibly mosquito) by the eyebrow...woke up with his eye completely swollen shut. Took about two days for it to go away. He was clueless though. Happy little guy as usual :o)

Mr. With a Mustache

Oliver sportin' a mustache we got from a machine at a Chinese restaurant. We actually got enough for each of us to wear future posts for a family shot of that.

Another Book Lover

You can't tell, but Ira is reading Pilgrims Progress...looks like we have another book lover!

Brothers in the Bath

Just too stinkin' cute! I love our's perfect for the babies to take quick baths after playin' in the dirt!

Summer Fun

I thought I'd post a few pictures that captured a little bit of the fun the kids have been having this summer playing in the water. They kids have really enjoyed the three lane slip-n-slide we got for them. It's quite hilarious to watch them...especially Oliver and Ira!

Ira got a little froggy blowup pool from Grandma Rosie for his first birthday...he really liked it. Oliver did too...and Avrie even took a swim with him. Unfortunately these will be the only shots of this awesome pool because Winston must have felt threatened and attacked it that same night and we found it deflated and defeated :o( We were sad to say the least.

The babies love our new swing. I highly recommend them! Get quality and very affordable. It's just like having the park in my backyard!