Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Springing Into Summer

Emma once again dressing for success.
Yes, your eyes are seeing correctly...that is Oliver with a dress on standing next to his little sweet friend Ruthie Pearl. No, it's not Christmas, their attire just makes it look that way :o)
Oliver is hiding under those "bankits" (as he calls them) ... see his feet? By the way, this is the baby doll bed.
Sir Benjamin Miller and Princess Elise Latta enjoying popsicles.
Cross-dresser Oliver Latta, Queen Ruthie Pearl, Sir Knox Miller, and Princess Emma also enjoying popsicles.
My beautiful children.
Oliver having an emotional breakdown in front of Ruthie.
Priceless....Like father like son...
My sweet baby Ira.
Do you think Oliver might have a problem? Too much older sisters influences?
Silly kids.
Ira fell asleep while Elise read Five Little Pepper and How They Grew to's suppose to be a great book :o)
I don't think they ever get tired of reading.
Off they go for a swimming adventure...
Playin in the rain...that's how we roll in Texas.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Meet My New Friend!

I'd like to introduce a new friend of mine....Suzie...Suzie new sewing machine! Travis got it for me for my birthday back in April. I was totally surprised. I had been wanting to get a new machine, not to replace my old one, but just to have a variety of stitches. See, my other machine, Kathy Kenmore, was my Mom's first sewing machine and she passed it on to me. I love it, it's great and I'll never part with it, but it definitely lacks in the extra stitching variety. And now I'm doing more that it would be beneficial to have more stitching to choose from. So here she is, Suzie Singer. Travis actually went to Joann's and spoke with a little old lady that showed him all the models and persuaded him from a machine offering 35 different stitches to this sweet momma machine that offers 90 something different stitches. She was one good saleswoman. It was so sweet that he took the time to really figure out what would best fit me and that he knew enough about me and what I can and like to do that he was able to tell this lady and she helped him choose the best machine for me. I can quilt my quilts with this big momma! How about that! Isn't she beautiful. I think this is going to be a beautiful friendship.

This is a shot with her extension table on was much larger than I had expected from looking on the box before I opened it. I still can't believe I have a machine I'm going to be able to do quilting happy!

Now, I couldn't make this post without introducing you to my old trusted friend, Kathy Kenmore. She was my Mom's first sewing machine that my Dad bought for her. All solid machine...she can sew through anything. I rarely have problems from her...and when I do, I find out pretty quickly that I'm actually the problem not her.

I just had to get a shot of this...these are the peddles to my machines. The one on the left is obviously the one that belongs to my old trusty Kathy Kenmore and the other on the right belongs to my new friend Suzie Singer. I took this just to show you how different they are. Kathy's peddle is completely metal and Suzie's is all plastic....amazing. Oh and the electric tape you see on the left does belong to Kathy's peddle and there is a story behind it. When Avrie was about 3 years old, I was on the phone with a friend and he was suppose to be in bed, but I found out quickly that he wasn't when I heard a loud pop and saw a spark come out from under the table where I was sewing....he cut the cord while the machine was plugged in and on. Talk about freaking out! By the grace of God, he was holding onto the scissors just right to not get killed...the scissors didn't survive though...they were damaged and deemed unrepairable. So as you can see, I will forever have a reminder of that frightful moment.

This here is Kelly...Kelly Kenmore...a relative of Kathy's. She was a gift from Grandma to the kids. Surprisingly she sews great. The kids love it and are eager to learn how to sew.

Yes, I admit it, it is strange to name your sewing's probably even more strange that I talk to them :o)

The Piano Recital

The kids had their piano recital last week. This was the girl's first one and they did GREAT! They ALL did GREAT! Emma was actually the first one up to play. She played the melody while her teacher played the accompaniment. It's amazing how well she can play already. She has really caught on quick. They all had to stand and take a bow after they was adorable.
Elise played exceptionally well also. She has caught on quick too and really enjoys it. That girl didn't have one nervous bone in her that day...she's amazing!
Avrie finished up the recital by playing the theme song from Star Wars. He couldn't recall ever being this nervous to play. I think it was because it had been a while since he played for an audience, but he held together despite his nervousness. He played GREAT and I so enjoy listening and watching him play.
Here are the kiddos with their teacher, Bethany. She's great. The kids love her and enjoy her. We are so blessed and thankful to have her as their teacher.
Well, we just HAD to get a picture with our friends that came to support us...these little people are the Millers. Starting from the left is Watson, Sam Wyatt, Ruthie Pearl and Knox is all the way on the right. I just noticed we are missing one of the Miller boys...sweet Benjamin! How in the world did that happen? Well, shucks, we almost had a great picture with them all. Oh well, next time, huh?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Finally...Learning to Play the Violin

Avrie has wanted to play the violin since he was at least 5 years old. We held off to get him grounded in piano first. Well, he's been playing piano now for four years. I can't believe it has been that long already. He was blessed to have his first three and a half years with a phenomenal teacher in Indiana and to now have another outstanding teacher here in Texas. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa he will now be learning to play the violin. Yay! He has been playing now for just over a month and will be playing a solo and in a group at an upcoming recital/concert this week. His teacher says he is doing really well and has caught on great. It comes to him so naturally...simply a gift from the Lord. Sometimes I wonder if he has any clue how gifted and talented he really is. I am so glad he has a love for music and is driven by a challenge. I love that boy! Below are pictures from his first lesson.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Haircuts for the Girls

I love my girls...they make me smile. We decided that they needed new haircuts so we had a girls day out doing just that. We had fun and they looked fabulous!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A New Bike for Emma

While Grandma was here visiting, she bought Emma a new bike. It was quite a sight to watch her ride her old one...she was far too big for it, but she never complained about it. Now she has one that fits her just right. I don't know what it is, but I really enjoy watching my little ones ride their bikes. Here's some shots of the big test ride that day.

Here's Daddy and Oliver watching Emma. Gotta love that little man's smile :o)...Travis' too.
Following Emma's moment Travis was going to take Oliver around in the buggy.....
Here they are ready for take off, but they didn't get far because the buggy had a flat tire...Oliver was very disappointed. Oh well, maybe next time!

Grandma's Visit

Pictures from when Grandma visited...but you won't see her anywhere because she's the one taking the pictures...

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