Saturday, January 15, 2011

Playing in the Snow

It finally snowed here in Texas. It didn't melt for a week. The kids loved it. The other day I found her outside playing in it all by herself...then Emma wouldn't allow that and joined her. Travis went out at one point and they had a snowball fight. Emma got him smack dab in the ear! They had fun to say the least.

I think this is Elise chasing her Dad with a snowball...(he's the one taking the pictures)

Winston Makes Himself at Home

Wore out from reading Shakespeare, Winston decided to take a break and nap a bit.
Little cutie likes Avrie's shoes...
I'd say he's made himself at home...

Mr. Full of Character

Couple shots of Oliver... in his sunglasses and super cool hat. Love that smile...

Here he is dancing and jamming to "Do You Love Me?" while blowing his duck sounding whistle...thanks to Grandma Rosie.

Christmas Chaos...

Well, this was our first Christmas away from family. We decided it would be too crazy to try and travel again this year so we stayed in Texas and began our own family traditions. Grandparents sent gifts to be wrapped in the mail and by the time everything was wrapped and under the tree (or in front of the fireplace) it looked a little ridunkulous! It was different having all the gifts in one place as opposed to going to a couple different Christmas gatherings and opening presents. We were very blessed to say the least. Missed family like crazy, but enjoyed our family Christmas and the memories that were made.

The abundance of gifts...

Here the kids are trying to sort them out...
Oliver's bright eyes and tacky Christmas outfit.
A peek at the mess...

Grandma Rosie actually sent us the kid's stockings from her house and we waited to open them until the day after Christmas when they were opening their's back in Indiana.

Couldn't pass up posting this picture of Emma trying out her new strange moon shoes...I tried them and didn't work out so won't be seeing any of those pictures :o)

And poor little Ira...overstimulated!

Old Pictures

These are some old pictures of my my Mom's side of the family. I love old pictures. My Mom was one of eleven boys and four girls. I don't know how my Grandma did it.

This first one is my Grandma (she was so pretty) with my uncles David and Bill.
Here's the four Hunt girls...Barbra, Patty, my Mom (Lisa), and Kathy.
This is a picture of my Grandma's dining room table...looks so cool.
Here is my Mom's dog when she was little...his name was Snoopy...
This is my Mom's grandparents on the left and her Mom and Dad on the right holding her brother, David.
Here is a shot of my Grandma and my Mom's dad with the seven boys.
My Grandma and her son Jim...check out their hairdos! Love it.
My Grandma. By the way, her name is Mary.
And my Mom as a little girl, age 9. My niece, Raeni, looks just like her!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Red-Headed Woodpecker - Nature Study

Nature study is a part of our homeschooling and I thought I would share some of the kiddos journal entries. We have a few trees in our backyard that house various noises that we can't help but enjoy listening to. One of them has a couple red-headed woodpeckers living in it. So we decided to "study" them. They are quite the beautiful bird and fun to watch and listen to. After we observed and read up on them, the kids made journal entries. They all decided to draw a picture of the woodpecker. They did a great job.

This one here is Elise's....
and Emma's.