Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wonderful Silly Boys...

I'll tell ya, I don't think two boys could get any cuter than these two right here!  Ira and Oliver...two little would seriously be boring without them!  

Oliver...oh Oliver...a very special little boy indeed!

Ira is our Prince of the Pacifier...he likes variety...he likes to borrow Eleanor' sometimes he likes a pink one...sometimes an orange...other times a purple...and then there is the blue one of course.  In this picture he is giving Eleanor a really big pacifier for teething is ridiculously large...seriously.

Check out those long golden locks flippin' out from under his manly hat :o)

Love his cheesy smile...a dirty one at that :o)


  1. Love your photos, heading down to Euless, TX from Omaha, this coming Sunday to see grand children for a whole week. Thank you for stopping by my blog

  2. Thanks! Hope you enjoy your visit! The weather has been great...I pray it stays nice for your visit. Love your blog and look forward to following you :o) Thanks for following mine!